Man Showered At The Gym, Now He Can’t Walk

Warning: contains graphic content

So you just completed a workout at the gym and just when you’re about to hop into the shower, you realize that you forgot your flip-flops at home. So what do you do?

If you answered, “shower anyway,” then you should really hear this man’s story.

An anonymous Texas man is fighting a serious infection after he walked barefoot into his gym’s shower area.

“There were a few occasions where I left out my flip flops that I would use when I showered, but not wanting to go back to work sweaty and smelly I made the decision to shower barefoot,” he told The Rod Ryan Show on KTBZ-FM The Buzz.

A few days after his gym visit, the man started experiencing itchiness under his foot. Before long, he developed plantar warts caused by HPV.

He continued his marathon training and chose at-home and the over-the-counter remedies to treat the warts.

However, after months of failed treatments including doctor prescribed cantharidin, things took a turn for the worst.

The man’s foot developed more warts about 2cm wide and his only option was surgery.

This past February, the man went in for a cod scale skin graft procedure to cover up the holes beneath his foot.

Luckily, he got to keep his foot but he is still unable to walk.

He is using his nightmarish experience to warn other gym-goers about the dangers of the public showers. “Do yourself a favour, wear shoes in any public area where there is water. This virus thrives in those areas.”

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