Put a bar of soap under your sheets. The next morning you will feel completely different!

Medicinal remedies can be very expensive and harsh on your body. Not to mention there aren’t remedies for every ailment we face.

This is why home remedies are so great! You spend a lot less money, they’re all natural, and there are often treatments for those nagging pains that doctors can’t diagnose.

Putting a bar of soap under your fitted bed sheet is a proven treatment for two medical conditions that prevent you from sleeping. Can you guess what they are?


Restless leg syndrome and nightly leg cramps can often be treated by putting soap under your sheets!

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder where a person feels discomfort in their legs while resting. While there is no known root cause, kidney failure, diabetes, pregnancy, and alcohol consumption have all been linked to it.

42% of people who suffer from restless leg syndrome or nightly leg cramps have found putting soap under their sheet helps treat their pain. Doctors believe this is because of the magnesium in the soap, which can help reduce leg cramps.

Medical News Today

Dr. Oz suggests that lavender soap helps relax your body while you’re trying to sleep, so it’s your best option.

Make sure the soap you choose is is natural with an essential-oil based scent.

Have you tried this trick before?